How to Increase Personal Training

Double Personal Training Revenues in No Time

2018 - How Technology Will Change PT Forever

As the founder and owner of, and a club operator for decades, I have followed the evolution of the personal training industry very closely.  What you are about to discover will put you out front and ahead of a new, exciting shift in the fitness industry and will have a dramatic impact on your bottom line. Alan Cohen - President,

Personalized Training for EVERYONE

Personal training has been a gold mine for the fitness industry for well over a decade. The problem lies in the fact it only appeals to those with a higher economic profile. Small group training was introduced to appeal to more people as the cost was lower and clients had more fun in a group setting. A couple  hiccups here - time commitment and space availability. Boot Camps rise in  popularity was due to the entrepreneurial spirit of some fitness professionals who were disenchanted with being an employee, and were excited about the free spirit nature of their programs.

2018 - What if there was a way to offer ALL your members/clients a personalized service, more engagement, better results and a long-term relationship? (Which by the way, will make you more successful than you ever imagined). Check out the Economics of Our Program.

What is the Personal Training for EVERYONE Program?

A heart rate based personal exercise program, including an anti-diet personal nutrition program. Plus data based coaching with clear, short-term goals thru exercise, nutrition and body composition using:
1. EKG (HRV) heart rate monitor
2. A Smart Scale/BMI that syncs with a fitness coaching App.
3. Real-time Nutrition program synced with coaching App.
4. A branded club coaching App.
Our program can be integrated into your business several ways:
1. With existing clients as an upgrade and add-on service. $
2. An affordable option for those clients who want to discontinue personal training due to the cost. $$
3. A personalized, results based training option that ALL Members/Clients can afford. $$$
By introducing a results-based program that appeals to everyone, you will be able to increase personal training almost immediately. We’ve seen clubs double their PT numbers in 6 weeks! See how our program works!

What We Offer

A Proven Company with 20+ Years of Results-Based Fitness Programing

Documented success with over 10,000 corporate employees spanning decades.

Cutting-Edge Products

- EKG Heart Rate Monitor*

- Smart/BMI scale*

-  Nutrition program*

*Syncs with Personal Coaching App.

Also available: Leaderboard - Tools to enhance instructor training.

See how our program works!

Comprehensive Training Program

We will train business owners, personal trainers and program coordinators on the use of our heart rate monitor, Smart scale, nutrition program and personal coaching App.


Become the first in your market to roll-out our program and receive our Pilot Program special offering; get a jump on the competition!

Marketing Program

Take advantage of our decades of experience helping corporate America get fit; in the gym or out and about doing their favorite workouts. Our marketing programs are organic and flexible!

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How to Increase Personal Training

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